Percy Zevallos

Consultant in prospective, public investment and APP’s. Management of areas such as R & D, ICT and process management. As an administrator, graduated from the Master of Public Management at the Universidad del Pacífico. With training by the IDB. Strengths in strategic analysis, critical thinking and research.
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina: Advice on acquisitions of technological components.

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos: Preparation of a prospective analysis by 2030 in the Faculties of Geology and Veterinary Medicine. Preparation of a project for the acquisition of a satellite to monitor climate change. Advice on acquisitions of technological components. Advice on planning and strategy for the Directorate of Regional Development Centers.

Legal Study Linares Consultores SAC: Elaboration of normative technical proposals for the improvement of the National System of Public Investment. Preliminary evaluation of proposals of Public-Private Partnerships.

District Municipality of Villa Rica: Preparation of a R & D project for the coffee industry under the framework of international technical cooperation. Investment of 17 million soles. Proposal approved by the MEF and incorporated into the INIA Work Plan.
MINCETUR: Preparation of technical, economic, social and environmental study for tourist circuit. In addition, identification of proposals for the enhancement of the ACM El Oconal in the District of Villa Rica, within the framework of the initiative «From my land a product»

COFOPRI: Development of a process management consultancy: «Analysis of the process management for the National Planning Management-COFOPRI»

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